IBM Workplace software technologies. We are happy to greet you.

IBM Workplace software technologies. We are happy to greet you. You strive to meet the needs of your customers and keep up with the rapidly changing world of technology. You strive to innovate, differentiate yourself, monetize opportunities and cut costs. It is not easy, but you should not do it alone. This guide shows how teaming with IBM helps companies like yours grow. Regardless of the size of your business — and the type of business model — we are here to help! Discover six areas where partnering with IBM allows you to leverage new opportunities: leverage new technologies. Innovation and investment. The use of our experience in various fields and industries. Moving to a new level and expanding access to new knowledge Accelerate your time to enter the market Work with us to grow your business and achieve even greater success. IBM is the perfect business partner you have today and the one you have tomorrow.

Collaborating with IBM, you can take advantage of our many years of experience and one of the largest IT networks in the world. Thanks to our experience and continuous development, you can use our solutions, services and customer relationships to add value to your customers. Our Business Partner Charter is based on the following guidelines.

Business partners are vital to our business. We strive to maintain an effective and profitable relationships with you. We strive to provide industry-leading business partnership experience. We want to make sure that you benefit from each of your interactions with our ecosystem. Our relationship is a collaboration of equals. We share our skills, experience and suggestions with you to create unique value for customers. We work with our business partners to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the cognitive era. You have a historic opportunity to use cognitive computing to transform your business. We invest in the success of our partners. We support you in finding new business opportunities and help you make the most of the latest technology and market dynamics. We base our relationships on IBM core values. The desire for success of each client, innovation in the service of the world, responsibility in all respects.

Working with IBM gives you six unique benefits that add value to your solutions, services, and relationships. We support you in any field: from creating more intelligent applications and services to create more rich and relevant data. Enjoy what you need without cluttering up things that don’t serve you.

Companies around the world are introducing new technologies faster and faster. 75% of service provider developments already include machine learning and cognitive innovation. This creates increasing pressure for the development and integration of organizations in order to keep up with the times, satisfy and retain customers. By partnering with IBM, you get access to all the innovations that you and your customers need. Our artificial intelligence and cognitive capabilities can add to your offers, increase the relevance of your data through machine learning, digitize transactions using the blockchain, and much more. Take control of your sandbox to explore new features, test code, and watch tutorials.

Each new technology that drives or destroys the market is the result of a significant investment in innovation. But it’s hard to adopt new technologies without exceeding your budget. Take advantage of the 6 billion euros IBM invests annually in research and development to unlock new opportunities and opportunities. You can create a long-term value proposition by combining effective data management, analytics, hardware and middleware with advanced cognitive and artificial intelligence technologies. At the same time, you guarantee that your data (and confidential customer data) is protected and accessible there and when necessary.

Service providers need to do a little more than others if they want to stand out. This means providing better services to our customers, while ensuring stable and stable prices and profitability. That’s why working with IBM to integrate our technology into your solutions can play a crucial role.