IBM Workplace Collaboration Services. Our network of 13 centers.

IBM Workplace Collaboration Services. Our network of 13 Ecosystem Advocacy Group centers in Europe can help you expand your offerings and enter new markets. You can join forces with experts who can help you with various requirements. Whether it’s creating a SaaS application in the cloud or checking the concept of your solution for a potential client, helping your growth will always be available for free. Advantages of the Center: Use of technical knowledge to increase the effectiveness of your solutions and reduce the development time and market entry. Use specialized environments to test your solutions. Access to the latest IBM platforms, including: including Cloud, Watson, Analytics, and more to solve technical problems at a lower cost. Promote and market your solution with IBM support, accelerating sales cycles. We have the space, speakers and logistics to welcome your guests.

Lotus Notes & Domino Release. To cope with new requests or crisis situations, all organizations sometimes need technical support. It is during these moments that instant access to IBM developeWorks will help you. DeveloperWorks is an online center that provides training resources and technical support. It contains tutorials and videos on new developments, as well as a thriving community where you can get advice from IBM experts and other developers. You can also explore the IBM code library and place ready-made sections of code directly in your solution. Startup with IBM: An incentive for startups Startup with IBM is designed to help you shake your industry and bring your innovative products to market faster. You can get up to $ 120,000 in free loans to get access to professional artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud, data, the Internet of things and much more. These resources are ideal for acquiring new skills, launching new cognitive solutions, and getting help from a community of architects, researchers, and experienced developers. With three different program levels available to meet your needs, you have a flexible way to help you and your new business get started in the field.

IBM Start Express provides partners with the ability to quickly and easily access and resell several IBM products, including open source software distributions, entry-level storage options, and more. This is available to all our partners in Europe (except for the CEE region). By sending a simple online application and going through the authorization process, you can easily start ordering up to $ 100,000 (for any 12-month period) from your IBM distributor. In addition, you have the support you need to ensure that your product configuration, price, and order are correct. Global Solutions Catalog: Become a part of the united world of innovation. Placing your solution in our catalog of global solutions can be one of the most valuable marketing levers. Including your offer allows you to be visible and achieve your goals. When you are in the Directory, your customers and other IBM partners and the IBM sales network see and can find you. In addition, your registration may also serve as a nomination for technical inspections and specialties that are also available to you as a PartnerWorld member. Regardless of your industry or product, this is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons.

Companies are increasingly looking for cognitive and artificial intelligence to harness the potential of their data. As a result, organizations like yours must respond to this demand by offering the solutions that the market needs. The IBM Developer Cloud lets you leverage the world’s most powerful AI in a secure, flexible, and scalable cloud environment. Thirty days of free access to the IBM cloud development platform means that you can immediately start using IBM services and then use a number of development tools, including documentation, tests and test suites. software development. Moreover, you will find a collection of webinars, blogs and videos from which you can find inspiration to improve your own decisions. With Watson: Maximize AI to attract more people. With IBM is a new opportunity for you.