IBM Workplace family. Today, customers are looking for suppliers.

IBM Workplace family. Today, more than ever, customers are looking for suppliers who can provide solutions for a specific area or industry. Knowing what works in your industry today and tomorrow can be an important asset in your business. Working with IBM and using our knowledge and experience gives you a real advantage. This know-how gives you the basis for finding new customers in a competitive environment. You can expand your knowledge of key cognitive applications such as Watson, acquire skills from our industry experts and global research, or simply speak with our industry experts from the IBM Ecosystem Advocacy Group.

Service providers are always looking for new customers to expand their reach. Our participation and experience in each market can help you better understand your target audience and identify key market segments. By offering your solution to the widest possible audience and creating an entry in the global catalog of solutions, you get potential customers, other IBM partners and our sales network. 

But you will also need an infrastructure that can easily expand and meet the needs of new customers in different countries. Based on a network of more than 50 data centers around the world, IBM’s cloud infrastructure enables you to grow and grow without significant financial outlay.

You cannot predict which next technical or commercial challenge you will face or when it will happen. More recently, cognitive and artificial intelligence technologies have brought new information to the company. But what will happen next? Having everything you need to solve these problems can mean the difference between leadership over competitors and staying on the sidelines. 

An ecosystem of IBM customers, partners, and experts is at your disposal to help you stand out in your market and explore new ones. You can take advantage of technical tests, online training, development systems and demos, maximize the potential of your solution and improve the skills of your employees. Our ecosystem protection team offers you access to development teams to improve your decisions faster, get help from experts in the field, and use distance learning services.

Customers want to deal with experts who understand them and can quickly and easily provide them with new technologies. Organizations involved in digital transformation by 2019 will receive at least 45% of their income from business models based on “trade of the future”. In this context, the strength and consistency of your sales and marketing operations will be critical to success in a competitive market. 

Partnership with IBM allows you to attract your customers and attract their attention with new methods: seminars and webinars, proven marketing methods, work with our trusted agencies and much more. Also use your marketing budgets to support your campaigns. The services we provide to our business partners make you more flexible and able to respond more quickly and efficiently to the needs of your customers.

The IBM PartnerWorld is the perfect place to discover new opportunities and grow your business with IBM. You can access our portfolio of cognitive technologies and innovative enterprise solutions developed and delivered in the cloud. Partners who invest in advanced skills get business results 6 times better than others, thanks to PartnerWorld you can stand out in the competitive market: Develop technical, business or marketing skills faster Improve your knowledge of business IBM solutions through our learning paths and PartnerWorld University courses. 

Use partner services and free IBM Cloud loans to discover new opportunities and achieve new goals. Get the support you need if necessary. You need to call, email, multilingual live chat, or a PartnerWorld advisor with Watson support. Access to co-marketing and digital content offers, as well as potential IBM-approved leads.

Workplace services. All innovations that add value to your solutions are available on our marketplace. Cloud, cognitive, data, analytic, mobile and infrastructure domains make it easy and quick to display all options and compare prices, or even request free trials when available. If you need cognitive capabilities, such as IBM, or reliable and efficient storage equipment, such as FlashSystem, look no further, everything is waiting for you.